Technology allows people to communicate better than ever before in history, even when many miles apart. The healthcare field is no exception.

More and more patients and medical providers are taking advantage of what is being called telemedicine. Simply put, it is the use of electronic information to communicate for the purpose of providing and supporting healthcare when the participants are separated by some distance. This is one hot service! It’s access to a doctor 24/7, 365 days a year. The doctor can consult, diagnose, and even prescribe prescriptions for acute minor conditions.

There are a number of advantages to this method. BeneTrend’s CEO Kathy Workman loves her telemedicine plan, and routinely gets seen quickly and easily online or by phone, never having to subject herself to a germ-filled urgent care clinic.

When you are sick, the last thing you want to do is drive to the doctor's office or an urgent care clinic so you can sit in a waiting room with other sick people. You just don't feel like it - not to mention the hassles associated with taking time off work or finding child care at the last minute. A virtual doctor can allow you to consult with medical professionals from the comfort of your own home, from a desk at work, from your car, or even when you're out of town.

Virtual Visits Mean Less Exposure

It can also keep you from getting sicker or making others sick. Since the COVID-10 pandemic, infectious diseases are a priority with doctors. Virtual appointments can allow them to prescreen patients, and it lessens exposure to other people’s germs. This is vital for people with chronic illness, pregnant women, older patients and those with less-than-desirable immune systems.
Doctors who observe you at home via technology can often detect things that will help you. They might see potential allergens in your surroundings, and they can take note of how well you get around in your own house. Mental health consultations and counseling sessions are often best done this way.

Conference in Family from Afar

Many times having a family member on hand is an advantage when consulting with a doctor. This can be done easily, even when your loved one is in another location, should you desire it. Having a virtual option for doctor visits can make it much easier to schedule appointments and connect with the practitioners you need. That makes it less likely for you to fall behind and miss regular visits that are important for your ongoing health and that of your family members. A huge number of providers utilize technology to communicate with peers and patients alike – after all, it’s also convenient for them. Primary care physicians, specialists and medical technicians consult with each other regularly from remote locations, sharing records and other important information about patients.

In short, you have fewer excuses than ever for missing out on having your healthcare needs met. Talk to one of the professionals at BeneTrend Partners to find out how your healthcare plan can take full advantage of telemedicine.

BeneTrend even has independent telemedicine plans that can be coupled with or without any other kind of insurance.

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