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Cancer is the second most common cause of death in this country, exceeded only by heart disease. Nobody wants to plan for cancer. Cancer continues to impact Americans at substantial rates. One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.

Nearly two million new cancer cases were expected to be diagnosed in 2022, as reported by the National Institutes of Health, and that figure continues to climb. The leading cause of cancer death, lung cancer, claims approximately 350 lives each day.

But the risk of dying from cancer in general has been reduced significantly over the past three decades, falling 32 percent from its peak death rate in 1991 to the most recent data in 2019. That means some 3.5 million Americans kept on living who would not have if the death rate had stayed the same. This is due to a number of factors, such as early detection and treatment or fewer people smoking. More people are living longer after a cancer diagnosis.

A typical cancer policy like those available through BeneTrend is put in place to provide an additional layer of protection beyond one’s current health insurance coverage.

If your primary insurer pays most but not all of the costs for a cancer procedure, the cancer plan will kick in and pay you a certain amount per procedure even if your out of pocket expenses are zero.

That can mean an extra $200-400 per day for hospital days and even more for time spent in intensive care. Benefits can be applied to surgery costs, anesthesia, prescription drugs, private nursing, ambulance transportation, radiation and chemotherapy. Outpatient treatments and even preventive care, such as physical exams and cancer screenings, can be covered. If you are covered by a major medical plan and basic hospital coverage, a cancer policy will furnish cash when you need it most.

While medical research continues to work hard toward an eventual world without cancer, advance preparation here and now is the best way to go. BeneTrend Partners can help you see the wide range of options out there and choose the one which best suits your overall health and budgetary needs.

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