Disability Insurance

If you can’t work, you still need to get paid, and BeneTrend Partners has some great options for disability insurance policies.

Any accident, illness, or diagnosed condition (pregnancy) has the potential to disrupt your income, leading to
significant financial difficulties. That means being ready for the unexpected, whether it be on or off the job. We protect our cars. We protect our homes. We protect our boats. We protect our phones. What about our income?

Disability insurance is a viable option for people who are unable to work because of an illness or injury. Its benefits provide the means to pay the bills and cover household expenses while not working, either on a long-term or short-term basis. Estimates may vary, but a good rule of thumb for disability insurance is to have six months of income available to be paid out.

Work-related disabilities are usually covered by workers’ compensation laws, sometimes disability insurance benefits can be paid for work-related issues. Disability insurance usually is for situations away from work such as elective surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions, such as sickness, injuries, or accidents.

Disability insurance is often available through the Social Security Administration, and many large companies provide it as part of an employee’s regular compensation package. The third option, for those who work for themselves or whose employers cannot provide it, is to purchase it from private insurance companies, like those represented by BeneTrend. As with other types of insurance, premiums are determined by a person’s age, occupation and other factors.

Virtually everyone could potentially benefit from disability insurance. But who is the most likely to really need it?
  • Sole providers. If you are the only person working outside the home making a living for your family, your income needs to be protected. Everyone in the household is in trouble if your paycheck dries up. Disability insurance can fill the gap so you can heal completely and don’t feel pressured to go back to work too soon.
  • Physically demanding jobs. Certain jobs require a great deal of physical labor and will keep you on your feet all day, every day. It is a good idea to have disability insurance in case you are unable to walk, stand or lift things. Even if your company already has a group plan, it can be
    advantageous to acquire your own coverage that extends beyond other policies. You don’t want to be struggling just to get by while you are laid up.
  • Parents. Even when both parents are working, the loss of one income can have a huge impact on a family.
    Your children’s basic needs do not go away when you are sick or hurt. You need to be able to meet the family budget regardless of whether you are unable to do your job.
  • Chronic injuries. Many people work through minor physical issues like back trouble or that nagging knee pain that just never seems to go away. Sooner or later it will get worse. If these problems ultimately cause you to be off the job for an extended period of time, disability insurance can help you maintain your income while you get yourself back into shape.
  • Service Professionals. Lots of people with active jobs like hairdressers, beauticians, catering, massage therapy, housekeepers, realtors, actors, extras, or other people who stay active or on their feet all day can benefit from this service.

Reach out to BeneTrend Partners and get some expert advice on how to take care of your family in case the unexpected happens.

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