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Healthcare benefits can be confusing and frustrating for employees as well as employers. But BeneTrend Partners would like businesses large and small to know that more and more people on both sides of that
relationship are finding FreshBenies, our special sauce, to be a welcome alternative. Touted as “a fresh approach to benefits,” FreshBenies is a platform that offers numerous vital resources – advocacy, telehealth, behavioral telehealth, pet telehealth, savings networks and more – in a single membership.

With benefits costing more than ever while covering less, leaving employees to contend with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs, anything that can cut through the confusion and financial pain is a big help. Employers who partner with FreshBenies can stop leaving healthcare savings on the table and worry less about losing their key people to the competition or breaking the bank to keep them.

Users can save on dental, vision and prescription costs, with tools that allow them to shop around for medications. With telemedicine, they have doctor visits by phone available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It’s never closed.

If your doctor recommends a specialty service such as an MRI, FreshBenies will help find the most affordable one available. If you just completed a hospital stay and are faced with multiple pages of complex bills, FreshBenies will help sort through that stack and tell you if there are any duplicate charges, or even negotiate with providers to get the best deal possible.

Remember, FreshBenies is not insurance. It is like a spectacular discount card on your phone. It is a great add-on to existing health insurance coverage, although it can also be used as a stand-alone service to help those who are underinsured.

One of the most crucial and increasingly popular aspects of this program is in the area of mental health. A BeneTrend client’s daughter recently needed inpatient care at a behavioral health facility, and FreshBenies was instrumental in facilitating that entire course of treatment – finding trained counselors who work with adolescents and identifying which ones are available and in the client’s insurance network. Psychologists and psychiatrists are available through the telehealth portal just the same as traditional medical doctors are.

Employers need to know that FreshBenies can save them a great deal of money while providing an extra layer of services for their employees. Depending upon the size of your business, it can cost pennies per day per employee and cover their families as well. Additional services can include identity theft protection and even telehealth services for pets and their owners.

Reach out to BeneTrend Partners today and let one of their professionals get you and your employees on the road to better healthcare benefits and services. Keep your team happy and healthy, while making sure your budget stays that way as well.


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