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Health insurance is definitely not one-size-fits-all.

A generation ago, the vast majority of Americans had very little to worry about in this regard. It was common for people to work decades for the same company and support their families while safe in the knowledge that their benefits were rock solid. This was bolstered by the fact that the care itself was more personal and less expensive.

This is rarely the case in 2023. Workers move from one employer to another or strive to build their own businesses with the constant concern that they will not be prepared should a true medical emergency befall one of their loved ones. Those who search for insurance coverage on their own, without the standard benefits afforded to government employees or those in large companies, frequently have found costs rising at an alarming rate.

How does one sift through the dozens of possible plans available and find one that best fits a particular situation?

  • It might be that your best bet is to work within the Affordable Care Act(ACA), also known as Obamacare. The ACA was created in 2014 to give everyone a viable insurance option. It is popular with customers who have pre-existing medical conditions and might not be eligible for other plans. A typical plan could cover you well in every area but with high monthly premiums.
  • If you are healthy and want to protect yourself against a worst-case scenario, especially if you are in between jobs,  a Short Term Medical plan can be a possibility. With no preventive coverage, no maternity coverage, no pharmacy coverage or wellness program, it is a bare-bones catastrophic plan with a low premium but a very high deductible. In other words, you are your own unless things get really serious. You also must qualify for the plan through proving that you have no medical conditions.

These summaries just scratch the surface of what is available. The professionals at BeneTrend Partners can help you wade through the entire health care marketplace and find what is best for you and your family.

Service Beyond the Signature

What sets BeneTrend Partners apart from other insurance professionals is their service after you have signed up for insurance. They serve to both educate you in the correct use of your insurance as well as advocate for you when there’s an issue with the insurance company. For example, BeneTrend CEO Kathy Workman worked tirelessly with an individual to find a policy on the ACA Marketplace that worked best within their budget. Before working with Kathy, he thought he’d have to figure it out himself, since the small business he worked for didn’t provide health insurance. Kathy made it easy for him to find a policy that fit his budget and his lifestyle. Besides helping him find him health insurance, they also found solutions for life, dental, and accident and critical illness insurance.

If you are an employer and are looking for group insurance for 2 or more employees, see our Group Employee Health Insurance page

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